Teaching and Content Development

My adventure with teaching started back in Poland at Jagiellonian University, where I obtained teaching qualifications. In addition to middle-school and high-school curriculum development and teaching, I was tutoring a student science-club as well as assisting pupils with educational challenges.

I’ve been leading and developing workshops and classroom activities for K-12 students, e.g., Oakland Summer Camp, SAGE-S (Science Accelerating Girls’ Engagement in STEM) Summer Camp, and university students, e.g., Hadron Physics Summer School. As a part of the Berkeley Lab Teaching Scholars Program, I completed 200+ hours of service focusing on Content Development and Facilitation of educational outreach activities.

As a staff scientist at Argonne, I continue my passion for outreach with mentoring and science communication initiatives within the laboratory.

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I have been also participating in many K-12 mentorship programs related to promoting careers in STEM, e.g.,